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September 11, 2012

Speed limit poll results

What are your thoughts on Enid’s new 25 mph speed limit if not otherwise posted? Comment here or at

I like it ... much safer (25 votes, 17.01 percent)

Too slow (43 votes, 29.25 percent)

30 mph was fine if enforced (79 votes, 53.74 percent)



Jim Booth - 12 hours ago

They need to limit all residential streets to the lower speed limits

Greg Nehls - 2 days ago

Thirty is fine. What the city needs to do instead of lowering the speed limit is to fix the residential streets and subject residential street parking to odd/even parking on residential streets. Its pretty sad when you can't drive down a residential street because you have parking on both sides of the street, and a lot of Enid drivers don't understand what the right of way means to get around parked cars, or idiots who block the road way not allowing a driver to continue down the street. Not to mention trying to get in and out of driveways because of inconsiderate neighbors parking on the street making it difficult to back in or out without fear of hitting someone getting in or out of your driveway. The City of Enid needs to start using common sense instead of the stupidity they use instead. If you want the residents to support the city of Enid then wake up and meet the needs of the people. Enid has some of the worse streets in the country.


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