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December 19, 2012

Letter: Banning guns or ‘assault rifles' will do no good

ENID, Okla. — Letter: Banning guns or ‘assault rifles' will do no good

I just knew the “ban the gun” donkeys would start braying before the blood was even dry at Sandy Hook as soon as the news of the shooting was announced.

“Do not waste an opportunity,” indeed.

The Sandy Hood massacre is a great tragedy. Something must be done to prevent the usual copy cats, of course. However, no one really knows what that “something” should be.

And the crux of the problem is that any sociopath is a ticking time bomb. Unfortunately, this disease is not easy to diagnose or treat. However, banning guns or “assault” rifles will do no good.

The Clinton gun ban did nothing productive. The gunfire deaths following that piece of political theater were greater than today. Gunfire deaths have only steadily decreased following the increase in concealed carry. Even sociopaths don’t want to be shot!

Such a massacre is about control and the perpetrator, even if he plans suicide, wants to control his death, too.

And, as has been pointed out before, private ownership of “assault” weapons, which by definition must be fully automatic, has been banned since 1934, following that decade’s gang violence.

The weapon referred to by the Feinsteins of the social Democrat party is a hunting rifle./ But, of course, advocating the ban of hunting rifles is not politically astute, at least yet.

Austin Wade


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