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March 2, 2013

Letter: Put your foot down

ENID, Okla. — I have lived in the Enid area for 79 years. I have seen many changes made.  I have seen and heard so many ideas and promises from city officials as to what was best for our city in order for it to grow.  

The city is now proposing another $50 million is needed for building new parks. The largest to be located on the east side, which for years was promoted as an industrial area and residential area, was to be located to the west of Enid.  

Enid really does not have a dedicated park department. There will be insufficient revenue generated from the use of the parks for their maintenance now and in the future. Past experience has proven this.

The city fathers continue to ignore the serious water shortage created by the city of Enid in furnishing water to other towns in the county, attracting large industrial businesses that require huge amounts of water and depleting the amount we have for our use.  

How many of you remember the summer of 2012? Who was it that asked the patrons of Enid to conserve water? In fact, they rationed water by raising the price.  Now, they ask you to ration water again — and there is only 10 inches of snow on the ground.

The city is not prepared for 5 inches of snow, let alone 10 inches.  If I were a CEO looking for a new place to locate an industrial business, I would think twice before planting roots here. We do not have an adequate supply of water for the customers we now have.

We need to put our foot down now! The water supply is vital and necessary for the future of our fair city.

Ron Schulz


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