The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

December 11, 2012

Letter: Tell me why, please

Enid News & Eagle

— Sure wish someone could explain why the Republican Party is so strong against raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans. After all, the Republican Party established this big tax reduction during George Bush’s term, and they did not establish how the country could pay for their big tax cuts. Seems that was big spending going uncontrolled.

Please do not trot out the excuse that small-business owners will be hurt by the proposed tax increase on the richest Americans. Is it correct for all of Americans to subsidize those small business owners, and if they are so important, would the Republican Party agree to moving the tax increase on those to begin at $500,000, or are they mainly worried about losing all the financial support from the wealthiest in order to try to buy elections?

Charley Rasp