The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

July 18, 2009

Volunteers earn well-deserved recognition


“If you don’t have any charity in your heart,” legendary entertainer Bob Hope once said, “you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

That is certainly not the case with Sam Doss and Janet Cordell, honored last week by Enid YWCA. Doss was the group’s Volunteer of the Year, while Cordell was named Woman of the Year.

Doss has worked sorting donations in My Sister’s Closet and has become a Sexual Assault Response Advocate.

Cordell has been a registered nurse more than 40 years and teaches Health Services Program at Autry Technology Center. She serves on YWCA’s Sexual Abuse Task Force and volunteered as a prenatal instructor for the Maternity Residency Program. That is in addition to her involvement in many other community activities.

Thumbs up to a pair of giving, selfless women whose hearts are definitely in the right place.


“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” The children at Sandbox Learning Center may or may not be contrary, or named Mary, but they certainly can answer the question from the old nursery rhyme. Their garden grows quite well, thank you.

That is because of the help of Lowe’s, Lavicky Sand Co. and Humalfa LLC of Shattuck, who donated materials to help the local childcare center plant a garden.

The children, ages 4 to 10, helped in nearly every aspect of planting and caring for the garden, which features tomato plants, pumpkin vines, grape vines and a blueberry bush. The children showed off their garden Saturday at an open house. The project gave them hands-on experience and showed them the joys and benefits of hard work.

Thumbs up to these businesses, and the children of Sandbox, for making this special garden grow.


Since 1946, a non-profit organization has advocated for American air power and a strong national defense.

The Air Force Association, established Feb. 4, 1946, has been working to benefit the Air Force, and its people, ever since.

Enid’s AFA Chapter 214 has the most community partners, businesses or industries that support AFA, of any chapter in the nation. Until recently, Chapter 214 boasted not only the state AFA president, but the regional president, as well.

Besides trying to educate the public and politicians about the Air Force and the issues surrounding it, the local AFA chapter also supports airmen and their families by providing scholarships and helping sponsor events such as the Greater Enid Chamber of Commerce’s annual Enlisted Appreciation Night.

The bond between Vance and Enid has long been recognized as one of the strongest in the country. Thumbs up to AFA and Chapter 214 for their role in keeping it that way.


Troubled South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford had somewhat faded from the spotlight after his mysterious trip down the Appalachian Trail turned out to be a tryst with his mistress in Argentina.

Now he is back in the news as South Carolina taxpayers learn how much the governor’s overseas jaunts cost them.

An Associated Press investigation found Sanford charged the state more than $37,600 for one first-class and four business-class flights overseas since November 2005. In the same period, other state employees flew coach.

Not all of his travel was related to his dalliances, but he did spend $8,687 for a trip to South America that included a visit with his mistress. He has since repaid $3,300 for part of that trip.

Sanford charged taxpayers $12,172 for a trip to China in 2007, flying business class. He flew to Poland on business class and charged the state $5,000, a business class trip to Munich cost taxpayers $4,685, while a first class trip to London in 2006 cost $7,065.

Thumbs down to Sanford, not only for his lack of morals, but his extravagance at the expense of South Carolina taxpayers.