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September 11, 2013

NCAA investigation is sure to follow OSU allegations

Enid News & Eagle

— Sports Illustrated’s series of stories outlining alleged rules violations within the Oklahoma State University football program has gained a lot of attention.

So far, the series has outlined allegations of money being paid to players and academic fraud perpetrated to keep players eligible.

The series also will focus on drug use and sex.

We’ve seen what Sports Illustrated has reported, and we’ve heard denials from former OSU players and coaches. We’ve also heard complaints that the writers of the series have an ax to grind with OSU, as well as allegations about their credibility and the credibility of the former OSU players who were sources for the series.

We’ve also heard from OSU officials who say the school plans to conduct its own investigation into the matter. We also are sure the NCAA will look into the situation.

What’s the truth? We don’t know that yet.

OSU supporters have been vehement in their defense of their school and team, just as some people who aren’t Cowboys fans have been jumping with glee over what’s happened.

One thing we know for sure: This story isn’t going away any time soon.

It’s going to be discussed throughout the football season, and probably well beyond. The NCAA isn’t known for its speedy investigations.

We wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up in the court system either.

One thing we would urge people to do is let the situation play out. Let the investigations run their course, and then maybe we’ll know more about what happened — if, indeed, anything did.