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October 22, 2013

Letter: We all have the right to voice our beliefs

ENID, Okla. — In response to Tyler Bowen’s letter on Oct. 15. I do not understand why you were “sickened by the standing ovation” of a motion put before the people.

You state you are entitled to the same rights as the “good outstanding Christians!”

How right you are. We all have the right to voice our beliefs.

If you felt so strongly, where were the people that felt as you do?

Dr. David Vanhooser’s message was not “nasty” or was it “self-serving.” It was simply as he stated, “the choice of the people.”

As to your statement about “Christians quoting two verses” from the Bible, and being allowed to pick and choose to support their agenda, I say why not? It’s God’s word, it is what we believe. We love our Lord; we trust and believe His holy word.

It is obvious you do not know the Bible, so don’t try to put down the ones of us who do. It only makes you come across as a spoiled child, throwing stones because you didn’t get your way.

If you are an honest, hard-working, decent person, your sexual choice does not prevent your being employed.

You simply are trying to make everyone accept homosexuality.

I do not dislike you for your belief. I can respect you in the workplace. I can be a friend. But, never can I accept your lifestyle.

I am a Christian. I do not believe in homosexuality because my Lord tells us it is not normal.

God made man and woman. He said, “go forth and multiply and fill the earth.”

Two men or two women cannot do that.

So, I too can and do say, “I will not be silent!” I will always be true to what the Bible tells me, for it is the sacred word of my Lord.

Carol Crabtree


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