The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

September 6, 2012

Letter: Pipeline article very enlightening

— I found the article regarding the new route through Nebraska for the Keystone pipeline in this morning’s edition to be very enlightening.

It seems the Nebraska Department of Environ-mental Quality rejected the original proposed pipeline path through Nebraska.

I wonder what the State of Oklahoma would do if a company proposed constructing a large pipeline over one of our state aquifers?

I had sent an email to the business editor of the Daily Oklahoman requesting information on what Nebraska senators thought about the pipeline path/plus rejection and the owners of TransCanada. I did not receive a response. I guess this was classified information.

I can remember the Republican leaders in the House and Senate blaming President Obama for the non-issue of a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. I think they might wish to apologize since the state of Nebraska placed a “no” on the pipeline path?

Why in the world did TransCanada direct a pipeline path in such an environmentally sensitive area? And why has it taken TransCanada so long to submit a new proposed pipeline route to the state of Nebraska? A person might think a certain political party and TransCanada were working together to create a big controversy.

Charley Rasp