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October 11, 2012

Letter: A pattern of injuries

ENID, Okla. — In response to the editorial (“Latest crash at intersection might warrant a deeper look”) on Oct. 8:

For years, my husband and I have traveled east, first on Okla-homa 64 and then on the four-lane, which is now labeled Oklahoma 412.

The speed limit just before you turn off of East Owen K. Garriott and onward to the old Highway 64 is 55 mph. It continues at that speed until you reach the Mack Truck dealership. It then turns into 65 for approximately one-half mile, where the posted sign is 70 mph.

We travel this stretch of highway through the city, making the overpass and down 412 through the 55 mph section and past the 70 mph and onward to the Breckinridge turnoff every Sunday morning.

The vehicles in back of us turn up the speed and pass us, leaving us looking like the last ones leaving Enid after we pass the 55 mph sign on Garriott. I am traveling the speed limit. If this speed limit is enforced and the word gets out, you will be stopped and issued a ticket. I believe the trucks coming onto 412 will have a better chance at making their entry onto the four-lane without causing an accident.

Recently, a vehicle in back of me, in the right-hand lane, put his pedal to the metal and almost cost me a front fender. Motorists think they can get by with in that area.

A light in that area only will increase their speed once the light changes and they are free to go “full steam ahead.”

When the city is running radar in this area, usually we see them stopping someone.

A caution light with the words: “Beware of crossing traffic” or “beware of trucks entering highway” would help.

Darlene Schulz


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