The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 25, 2013

Letter: A parent for better parks

Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — I would like to speak out as a parent and a citizen of Enid in support for the upcoming Quality of Life proposal.  

As a mother of two, I find it highly disappointing that our city, as populated as it is, lacks quality parks. It’s disheartening that, as a city, we praise how family-friendly we are, yet lack the outdoor recreation to promote that fact.

With this bond, we can show that we really do care about promoting an active lifestyle to our children.

With quality parks, you promote family outings, child interaction and active lifestyles.  

With the building of new fields, we would be showing our young athletes that we promote sportsmanship and extracurricular activities.

I have not always agreed with the city’s or commissioners’ decisions in the past, but I am not going to let that hinder my decisions of the future.

I travel to other cities and find amazing parks and recreations, and my question is: Why can’t Enid have that?

Step back just for a minute and put your anger and personal wants aside. Put your feet in a parent’s shoes, or think back to when you had young children. Think of the smiles and laughter associated with outdoor activities.

Think of your child playing those sports and how much fun they have and the life lessons they learn from teamwork and sportsmanship.

Think of moms and dads pushing their children in swings or taking their toddler down a slide for the first time. Think about a child hitting their first home run, or scoring that goal.

Parks bring excitement and joy. Our youths deserve to know we care, and showing we care is long overdue. I am asking you to support the youth of Enid. Vote yes.

Tiffany Meacham