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May 12, 2013

Letter: More restaurants or more bars in Enid?

ENID, Okla. — In response to the Enid News & Eagle article on May 4, “Liquor petition to be turned in,” I am a little confused. Is it more restaurants we want in Enid or more bars?

I think most would agree more restaurants would be nice, but I fail to understand how that can be tied to changing liquor laws pertinent to Sunday.

The article said “The push to serve or to be served alcohol on Sunday emerged from the frustration of losing chances to snag chain restaurants that rely on their beer, wine and liquor service.”

According to City Commissioner Mike Stuber, we have missed out on such restaurants because of our “dry-Sunday law.”

Commissioner Stuber said: “If you take 15 percent of their week away, it’s not a tough decision, business-wise. You’re going to go where you can maximize you profit potential.”

Any such business would only lose 15 percent of their liquor sales, not their total sales.

If liquor sales are 30 percent of their bottom line and Sunday sales were not allowed, the lost 15 percent in liquor sales would be $4.5 per $100.

That is only 4.5 percent and has not stopped other chain restaurants from doing business here.

What is the petition really about?

The commissioner said: “I haven’t heard any good arguments (against it). I’ve just heard people who don’t think others should drink on Sundays, and, honestly, that’s not necessarily their decision.”

It is “not my decision” whether or not someone else drinks on Sunday. But, when you want to change the law to make it more likely someone who does not drink “responsibly” will be driving on the city streets, midday, with me and my loved ones, then their “decision” becomes my concern.

If restaurants are what we want, let’s bring them here with incentives, not endangerment.

Joe Ray


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