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June 28, 2014

What He did for the saints of old, He will do for us

ENID, Okla. — This column originally was written July 14, 2007.

For those of you who haven’t darkened the door of a church lately, allow me to put a little bug in your ear. “You are missing out!”

God is on the move, saints, and things are poppin.’ If you’re not careful, you’ll miss it. No, I’m not talking about when Jesus comes back to get His church, but I very well could be. That’s a whole different column. I’m talking about the end-time harvest and exciting times we live in.

We are so in the last days my friends. All you have to do is read the paper or watch CNN or Fox News on TV to know it’s not pretty out there, and we’d better start paying attention.

The voice of the Lord is powerful and majestic, and He has lots to say, if only we’ll listen up ... say what He says ... and do what He says do. Obedience fills the barns, you know.

The Father-God is ready for us to know He is not like man, who would lie, and what he does for one he does for all. What He did for the saints of old, He will do for us.

He has placed His desires and dreams deep within us, and He wants us to dream those dreams and be a faithful steward of those dreams. He gave them to us, and He will bring them to pass.

He wants us to stretch our faith in a divine direction and make plans where there is no provision. Then, when provision comes, take it and use it. Friends, we gauge our faith by what comes out of our mouth.

Life and death are in the power of the tongue, and you can take it to the bank we will walk in the fruits of our tongue.

Faith is our connection, its seed and its power. We must fight the good fight of faith. We must ask ourselves what in our life has not happened because we wouldn’t fight.

When the devil comes in like a flood, we have to show up and be ready to fight. Saints, we can stop the enemy dead in his tracks with our faith. We can quench whatever comes against us with our faith. Just know, what you won’t fight for, you won’t get. It’s all up to you.

The good news is we serve a quickly and suddenly God, a now God!

Folks, I believe we are living in a powerful and prophetic age, an age where every promise in God’s Word and every prophetic voice spoken under the direction of the Holy Spirit will ride in on eagles’ wings. Jesus had every prayer He ever prayed answered. Think about it. We need to get into the habit of praying and meditating on the Scripture, getting a mental picture of that word and what it will do, just like Jesus did.

God would say to us saints: “Expect suddenlies! Expect God to bring deliverance suddenly. Expect sudden turnabouts. Don’t become complacent. Expect God to do exactly what He said He would do — suddenly! He is faithful. Whatever your situation looks like today, it can look entirely different tomorrow. Expect it to turn — Suddenly!”

Friends, the more we seek Him, the more He will reveal Himself to us, so let those who have an ear to hear, listen and say what He says. Do not allow circumstances to turn you from what you believe to something other than who God is, and you will see His hand at work.

He will come behind everything you say and confirm it, if you will just start saying what God says. If you’ll say what He says, you’ll get what you say.

Catch some faith saints ... and hold on! God is alive and well in Enid, America, and He will do what He said He would do. He will finish what He started!

Keep the faith and worship somewhere today.

Sorrels is News & Eagle editorial assistant and can be reached at or at (580) 548-8140.

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