The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK


June 17, 2014

Letter: ‘The joy of it all’

ENID, Okla. — Wal-Mart invades Watonga (Friday the 13th, Enid News & Eagle); oh the thrill, the joy of it all.

The Wal-Martians seem to be concentrating their attention on rather smallish rural communities these days. It would also seem that the WM’s will not be satisfied until they become the only retailers in the known universe, not just the biggest — wonder how long the new Dollar General and the established Alco Discount Store in Watonga will be able to keep the doors open.   

I guess when the point in life has been reached when you have enough money to buy anything and everything your little old pea-pickin’ heart desires, the only thing left is to out bazillion all the other bazillionaires — wonder if there are any goals left beyond this.

Watonga already has, if not the best, at least one of the best grocery stores (Karl’s Apple Market) within a 100-mile radius or more. Apple has — get ready for this — clerks who actually will stop what they are doing and ask if they can be of any assistance, instead of beating it an aisle or two over in so they won’t have to fake concern with the people who provide the cash for their paychecks.  

Also a wonderment is how many more people exercising their right  to work for less will have to rely on food stamps and other assistance in order to barely exist, when the invasion is successful.

I decided a long time ago to be quite happy to spend a quarter somewhere else rather than 5 cents for the same thing at the Walton’s joints. Hopefully, there are other people out there in the cosmos, somewhere, who are of a like mind.

Tom Ellis,



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