The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

May 21, 2013

Letter: City needs to take care of real needs

Enid News & Eagle

— I recently read the Enid News article regarding the petition to allow alcoholic drinking on Sundays in Enid. I was truly amused at city commissioners Mike Stuber’s and Tammy Wilson’s logic regarding the petition. As I understood their position, the reason Enid doesn’t have more real nice national chain-type restaurants is because of the profits lost by not selling the hooch on Sunday.

I wish the city commission would have done more research before proclaiming we must have our hooch on Sundays. Darden Restaurants is a premiere national chain of restaurants. According to Darden’s website, they have site selection criteria which must be met before a particular city will even be considered as a possible location. Olive Garden requires trade areas with 100,000 people exclusive to the restaurant.

I don’t think everyone from Enid to Woodward would drive here daily to eat. Red Lobster requires a trade area with a minimum of 125,000 people and a traffic count of 30l,000. A.D.T. (average vehicle count per day for a potential location).

I know we had a Red Lobster at one time here in Enid. It didn’t make it, and now the site selection is more stringent.

Longhorn Steakhouse requires a trade area of 100,000 people. They also require a 30,000 A.D.T.

Bahama Breeze requires a trade area of 500,000 people with a traffic count of 30l,000 A.D.T. Oklahoma City had one of these; it closed.

As you can see, it’s about population, not the alcohol issue. The same could be said for Best Buy and a multitude of other chain stores. What Enid needs is good jobs and more people wanting to live here, then the rest takes care of itself. Enid city commission: We need industry, and not just the kind that locates here to consume vast amounts of our water.

Ken Fischer