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May 8, 2013

Letter: Migration is human history

The Washington clowns are discussing immigration again, scarcely a new topic. A century ago, Anglo-Irish feared the influx of Italians. Seventy years before that, the Irish themselves weren’t welcome. Native Americans might have had similar reactions to Puritans and Conquistadors, and Europe was horrified when the Khan’s hordes reached the Holy Land.

Before that, waves of Norsemen swept the British Isles and the Moors occupied much of three continents. Two thousand years ago, the Bantu migration rolled across Africa. Before that, the Hebrews left Sumer for the promised land.

Long before that, the Indo-Europeans spread from the Pontic Steppes in every direction. And long, long before that, our ancestors migrated out of Africa to populate Europe and Asia, America and the Pacific.

These few examples suggest a point: Humans are a migratory species; always have been, always will be. We will pack up and move when war, famine, drought, economics, overpopulation or plague force us to. It’s only immigration from inside the border, in the here and now. Take a broader, longer look, and like it or not, migration is human history.

Court Atchinson


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