The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

May 8, 2013

Letter: Neglect continues

Enid News & Eagle

— RE: Article, April 19, 2013, “Renaissance drew LodgeWell to Enid.” Editorial, April 23, 2013, “Park it here ...” and article, May 2, 2013, “Rationing Enid water ... maybe yes, maybe no.”

Your editorial April 23, 2013, (“Park it here ...”) talks of the Quality of Life Initiative for building new parks. The problem is the city manger, mayor, city commission, the 23 percent of voters voting for the old initiative and the organizations mentioned in the editorial, have already reached their consensus. They want to build the parks, and as soon as the new park downtown is built, the neglect of the parks will start again.

The consensus of the 77 percent is quite different. They want to see city streets, bridges, city-owned property and, yes, city parks maintained. The city has a code office to force Enid citizens to maintain their privately owned property with fines. However, there is no code office to force the city government to maintain their property. Isn’t it a shame? We need one!

In the April 19 News & Eagle, Mr. Dave Owens of LodgeWell seemed ready to build a hotel in downtown Enid.

Has anyone told Mr. Owen that we’re having a problem with the present demand for water in Enid? Do we really want the additional strain of a 131-room hotel, the new Enid Event Center, plus new water parks on our seemingly weak water system?

All of this and we still have a problem with neglected streets, bridges, buildings and parks. I could be wrong, but 77 percent of voters didn’t think so.

William T. Johnson