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January 18, 2013

Letter: City’s priorities are off

Why is a park a “quality of life” issue, while a climate-controlled walking track (mall) a lack of tax earnings?

Why is $50,000,000 needed for a $21 million project? Only 70 percent of the bond issue is earmarked for the specific project (park plans).

If both the bond and sales tax are voted down, where will the money come from? We know “about $820,000” will be spent on the new park, with lighting and speakers, a decorative water feature, site furnishings and landscaping (the gateway project needs money that won’t be listed under its bloated budget).

If we can give millions to an unproven canola plant, a private mall developer, StarTek, Staples and Old Navy, why don’t we give Koch Nitrogen a few million for EPA-mandated phosphorous scrubbers, get them back on gray water, thereby doubling our fresh water supply? Is recycling now passé?

The Dec. 26, 2012, editorial suggests we “attend city meeting and listen to details with an open mind, don’t just snipe from the peanut gallery simply because you’re against everything.”

City meetings are more aptly termed public executive sessions or mass meetings (sponsors restrict discussion). Attending meetings is what put me in this “peanut gallery”! I have no desire to be publicly spoken down to. I am not a member of “C.A.V.E.,” (Citizens Against Virtually Everything). I am against uncalled-for debts, projects used by a few, and the hype of big money if big money is spent. It seems the secretive and caustic attitude works — we have Gateway and paid personnel, dodging potholes, looking for code infractions.

Scott Larsen


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