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June 26, 2013

Letter: Gas pre-pay makes some folks lose their minds

Want to play a guessing game? Tell me what kind of job I held?

I’ve had keys, money, credit cards and driver’s license thrown at me, I’ve been told repeatedly “I’ve been a customer here for XX years!” or they would take their business elsewhere.

Give up?

I used to be a convenience store clerk. Doesn’t it sound like fun?

Now, why would normal people do this?

Gas pre-pay.

This seems to be the one thing that will make most folks lose their minds.

Well, here’s the other side of that little scenario. I was told by my boss, that corporate told them that we could not afford any more drive- offs.

Drive-offs — the lovely effort of sneaky folks who come in, put gas in their tanks, then leave without paying.

I was told that if there were any more drive-offs, I’d have to explain myself to my boss, or pay for it myself, and if it happened again, I’d lose my job.

Well, I needed the job so I could not afford to have to do any of those things. So, no, I did not turn on the pump for you when you pulled up, in spite of the fact that “The other clerks do it for me!” or you’ve “always done it this way.”

I’m sorry that the few sneaky folks out there have messed this up for the rest of us.

Gas pre-pay is a fact of life these days.

Temper tantrums in public are never pretty. The clerks remember them, and you. (Give that one some thought next time your customer service is a little lacking.) In other words, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Michele Herren


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