The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

February 24, 2014

Will Rogers Daily Telegrams 2-25-14

By Will Rogers
Enid News and Eagle


SPRINGFIELD, Mass., May 9, 1927. — It would be better for American aviation that the French cross first. If we crossed first we would think we done all that could be done and just stop. Didn’t we invent aeroplanes and then think after we had invented them that that was all you was supposed to do with them?

Look at that Italian, flew half way around the world, lost his plane and cabled Mussolini collect. Mussolini shipped him another plane that night, now he is off again. Picture one of our boys with a burned up plane over in Europe cabling Coolidge collect. The message would never reach destination. And then he wouldn’t not only not have a plane to ship him that night or any other night, but Congress would have to meet and filibuster for two weeks before we could possibly be able to provide the money to send the boy a ticket home.

European nations might not have our foresight for amassing the dollar, but they know what altitude of the elements the next war will be held in.


Will Rogers.

P. S. — All power to those two great Frenchmen, but we got boys.



NORTHAMPTON, Mass., May 10, 1927. — Made a speech here in Coolidge’s home town last night. He was Mayor here one time.

They all said that my speech was as good or better than what he used to make at the Mayor stage of his career, and the town is no better than Beverly Hills, or Claremore, so they are kinder predicting here that I might get to live off the Government in some capacity some day.

Smith College is here. It’s the college that replaced Princeton on Harvard’s schedule when Princeton wouldn’t quit swearing at Harvard on the field.

Yours with a political ear to the ground,

Will Rogers.

P. S. — I guess Hoover will have to go out and find the lost aviators. He is doing everything else that is being done out of Washington.



BENNINGTON, Vt., May 11, 1927. — France is raving at us because the flight was not a success. What did they expect us to do, move New York over near them until it was over? I am in favor of us retaliating on France for this ill feeling by blaming them for our farmers’ relief not getting to where it started.

You can bet Nungesser and Coli won’t blame us when they are found. And they will be found, for they are too game to be lost. They have gone through hundreds of things worse than this.

It would be a good thing if our boys would fool Paris and go on to Constantinople and land. This only shows you the feeling in those countries the minute any little thing comes up. Then we have folks that say “Cancel the debts.”



Enid News & Eagle is republishing Will Rogers’ daily syndicated column, Daily Telegrams, in chronological order. The collection was edited and republished by Oklahoma State University Press in 1978 and under copyright of the Will Rogers Memorial Commission.