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April 19, 2013

Letter: On that road again

ENID, Okla. — This time a 77 percent voter rejection turns into a slim majority — 53 percent who want to maintain and support city parks.

I’m certain priority was the goal, chosen wording, of this new survey. I can’t see 47 percent wanting our parks ignored.

In order to achieve this goal, we must immediately spend $1 million and $382,000 yearly forever after? Isn’t this like buying a new house to stop a faucet drip?

This “realignment” (almost rhymes with Renaissance, and both are 11 letters) will add another department, a parks director, three administrative positions, several workers and pothole repairs will be contracted out.

The realignment seems top-heavy, and another pothole blame shifter. I was told the non-mown stormwater channel problem was a shortage of workers. The vote should be an indicator for better stewardship of our tax money, and parks are not the people’s top priority (life before quality of life).

More city property and trees, to mow around, does raise maintenance hours and cost. Why not hire several workers (amount recommended) and put equipment under them? If the Public Works Department still can’t keep up, contract out lawn care for the parks. There are more lawn care than pothole filler contractors.

The last two hikes in our “water” bill should go a long way toward paying for extra workers, after the “casino win” (Koch Nitrogen plant potable water bonanza).

We can only hope the whole bonanza isn’t in our new basketball court; the gray water scrubbers won’t be free.

Scott Larsen


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