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March 1, 2013

Letter: Repeat: ‘Quality of Life’

ENID, Okla. — In the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” the Good Witch tells Dorothy to click her heels together and repeat “There’s no place like home.” Dorothy awakes from her dream in her own bed.

Enid’s mayor, city manager, assistant city manager and city commissioners get together, click their heels and repeat “quality of life.”

This oft-repeated phrase is used on the citizens to lead them to the polls to vote “yes” on every whim they dream up.

We voted down one $40 million dream only to have it shoved in our face that the city would do it anyway, no matter what the voters said.

Now we have before us a parks dream that will greatly increase our quality of life.

To fund this dream a so-called, five-year temporary tax, that probably will become permanent to fund parks maintenance.

A bond extension that will not incur any added expense to the citizens except that expense was already added.

If the 7 mill bridge bond expires, our property taxes would decline. So how is that not an increase? The bridge bond was another temporary tax.

We are led to believe we have serious water issues. How is this $50 million parks plan dealing with our water issues?

The city is still going to try to get us to fund part of their Renaissance with a downtown $820,000 park. We voted “no” once.

Mr. Benson stated that if the people vote no, that’s fine, we’ll move on to something else. This should scare you into wondering what else they can dream up.

Now is not the time to vote for more taxes. Just like our current president, Enid’s leaders seem to think we need to tax more so they can spend more and like a dream riches will abound. Vote “No.”

Terry Qualls


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