The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

March 7, 2014

A home for 'Boomer'

Statue's new planned location in front of Event Center a good idea

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — We’re glad to hear “Boomer” will be getting a new home.

Enid City Commission heard a proposal earlier this week from Ward 1 Commissioner Ron Janzen to relocate the iconic statute to the plaza along Independence in front of Enid Event Center and Convention Hall.

We like that idea. That puts the Harold T. Holden work out there where the public can see it.

“Boomer” was moved last year to make way for demolition of Cherokee Strip Conference Center. The city placed the statue on the southeast side of Enid Event Center, essentially in the parking lot area. However, concerns about the statue being hit by errant traffic called for a re-evaluation of the plan, and “Boomer” went back into storage.

The idea now, which has been endorsed by Holden, is for “Boomer” to be facing north on the western-most planter in the plaza along Independence.

The planter is 20 inches high, and Holden designed an additional 18-inch base. Lights would help illuminate it at night.

It might not be until summer, though, before “Boomer” is put at his new home. City engineers have planned on replacing a sewer line along Independence in front of the plaza area, which could push back the statue’s relocation.

“Boomer,” which depicts a pioneer and his horse racing to claim land in the Cherokee Strip Land Run of 1893, has become a symbol of the community and its heritage.

We think the statue will fit in nicely in the plaza in front of historic Convention Hall, as well as the new Enid Event Center.