The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

September 24, 2012

Letter: Making pipeline safe is focus

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Regarding James Neal’s Sept. 18 story “Landowners, company clash on pipeline plan” in the Enid News & Eagle:

In cities like Enid and across Oklahoma, pipeline markers are a common sight. After all, Cushing is noted as the “pipeline crossroads of the world.”

So when we heard there were concerns regarding our new Glass Mountain Pipeline project, we took it personally. Pipelines are our business, but the communities around our pipelines are our neighbors.  

Safety is always our top priority. We consult experts like geologists and engineers about paths, water sources, soil type, rock formations and more. We want you to know that we are focused on making sure our pipeline route is safe for the environment and those living around it.

Agencies and industry associations, including the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association, still recognize that pipelines are the safest mode of energy transportation. Companies like us must abide by very strict guidelines. These standards include special coating to prevent corrosion, continuous, real-time monitoring and regular inspections using high-tech instruments to check for deterioration.  

Our team has the experience and will continue to work to make sure the Glass Mountain Pipeline is constructed and operated at the highest safety level, with a keen focus on protecting our neighbors.  

David Minielly

Vice president of operations, crude oil, for SemGroup Corporation of Oklahoma City