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August 23, 2013

Letter: Animal cruelty is unnecessary

ENID, Okla. — Recently, I arrived home to find a very sick kitten laying in a litter box filled with a food dish, on the walkway to my front door. Nearby was a nice cat carrier, but the black-and-white kitten had not been placed in it.

Hammered by the heavy rain, he was soaked. He meowed weakly as I picked him up and held him close. He was so thin his ribs and backbone were extruding.

I rushed him into the house and rubbed him down with a soft towel.  

I noticed he was covered in fleas, so I sprayed him with flea spray. He drank a little bit of watered-down milk.

I fixed up a box with soft blankets and towels in the bathroom. I laid him gently down, putting water, food and small litter box nearby.

In the morning, I told him I’d take him to the vet after work. When I got home, he made a few tiny movements and meowed weakly. By the time I got to the vet, he had died. I was heartbroken.

The people who abandoned him at my house did not leave a note. If they had only come to me sooner, I would have been happy to help them care for the kitten.

Local vets can give you advice on kitten care. You can get books at the library or go on the Internet to find out how to care for a kitten. Or, next time, bring the kitten to me before he is dying and I will love him.

It is wrong to leave a sick, dying kitten out in a heavy rain. Please be more responsible!

You don’t have to be cruel to a poor little animal just because you are ignorant.

Margaret L. Tivis


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