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March 4, 2013

Letter: Why we need better parks

ENID — I was raised in city parks, and maybe that's why I think we should vote in a positive way on Tuesday.

We have always had naysayers and negative people in this town since I purchased a business here in 1993. Have you ever noticed it's usually the same people with the same attitude?

And yet, have you ever really looked at our city? Have you ever noticed many Air Force people transferred here sometimes come back to retire? Have you noticed our financial health lately printed clearly in the newspaper and openly discussed in public forums weekly?

Are these Enid naysayers on something? Do they not know how the majority of the world really lives?

Certainly not as they do in Enid! This is probably the most positive, cleanest city, productive, giving cities in America! We have the best in nonprofit organizations assisting the government, not depending on it (the YWCA, YMCA, Hope Outreach, 4RKids).

It boils down to the visionaries in Enid. If we had voted no on everything that has come up in the 20 years I've been here, we wouldn't have near the prosperity and current excellent financial security we now enjoy.

I believe in the rights of those who oppose the park plan Tuesday, but I pray that the positive people in this town, those of you who do understand how parks build communities and strengthen families, will get out and vote.

If you love Enid, if you are positive about our future, please get out and vote on Tuesday. If you like the plan but do not vote, you will help defeat the measure. I recommend we vote yes.

Bruce Jackson


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