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October 14, 2013

Letter: Sickened by standing ovation

ENID, Okla. — Letter: Sickened by standing ovation

After the addition of sexual orientation to the city of Enid’s anti-discrimination policy failed, to a standing ovation, City Commissioner Dr. David Vanhooser wrote a nasty, self-serving Facebook post stating it was the choice of the people.

I am sickened by the actions of those who gave a standing ovation to denying their fellow citizens the same rights the “good upstanding Christians” are afforded.

I am disgusted by Dr. Vanhooser’s letter calling Enid a tolerant city. If that were the case, this would have been a non-issue, and would have passed.

There is clearly no separation of church and state in this city. Made apparent by the Christian prayer at the beginning of every City Council meeting.

Why aren’t any other religions represented in these prayers, or better yet, why are they happening at all?

I will not be silenced. I will stand for the equality of all citizens and this fight is not over. And for all you Christians quoting two verses from the Old Testament, you are not allowed to pick and choose your verses to support your agenda and force them upon others. Better throw out all your shellfish, mixed-material fabrics, then there is divorce (stoning if I’m not mistaken), slavery — shall I continue?

The same arguments have been used time and again when it came to women’s rights, the equality of blacks, interracial marriage and more.

Dr. Vanhooser and Mayor Bill Shewey, of course, you didn’t want any discussion on the issue. Neither of you had the decency to be at the council meeting when it was discussed.

Tyler Bowen, Enid

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