The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

September 5, 2013

Letter: What’s next?

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Every year another million-dollar expedition sails for Atlantis; every week those TV “Bigfoot” guys locate another ’Squatch.

Big church hides Jesus’ bloodline from us, and big archaeology conceals the mound-builder culture.

A majority of us believe in angels, demons, Kennedy conspiracies, djinns and ghosts.

Now, Animal Planet TV has given us shocking proof that mermaids are real!

What’s next? Hidden camera exposes of leprechauns, werewolves and trolls?

But Atlantis is a literary fable (see Thucydides for proof), like the Holy Grail, and if Jesus had kids, he’d have a billion descendants today, not one or two.

Books on the mound builders have been available since 1967 (cf. the Spiro, Okla., mounds) and pace von Däniken, et al.; not so much as a single mislaid alien toothbrush has ever been found at the pyramids or Stonehenge.

For 20 years, solid scientific evidence proved to a majority of us the truth of global warming. In the past decade, thanks to Big Oil and Senator Flies-Upside-Down, acceptance has fallen to near half.

Watergate, Iran-Contra and Enron made us understandably suspicious, but beyond that we yearn for causality, closure, drama, mystery — we demand fairies and unicorns and conspiracies, a combination which makes us gullible.

Historical and scientific literacy is in steep decline. Occam’s razor remains sheathed.

Harlan Ellison once said, “The two most common elements in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.” I suggest that credulity and superstition are gaining on hydrogen.

Court Atchinson