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June 2, 2013

Letter: IRS scandal politically motivated

ENID, Okla. — If you think the IRS is merely “doing it’s job,” you are completely ignorant of the facts.

The recent IRS scandal involved flagrant, arrogant abuse of power and is politically motivated.

As of today, 25 different organizations are filing suit against the IRS.

On example is the organization “True the Vote,” which was formed to educate voters’ to detect voter fraud in their precincts.

Since this organization has been seeking tax-exempt status, it has been audited by the IRS, has been questioned by the anti-terrorism division of the FBI, has been scrutinized by EPA and OSHA.

Their tax-exempt status has been neither granted, nor declined, for more than two years.

They have been asked to fill out invasive questionnaires that include questions about their membership, the books they read, whether anyone in their family has considered running for office, who their donors are and even to what god do they pray and what were their prayers.

Each day, new claims of IRS abuse are being brought forth and suits are being filed against the IRS.

Now the IRS has been given broader powers to include the oversight of “Obamacare.” They will find out who has health insurance and will assess penalties for non-compliance and for those “Cadillac” premiums that some carry. To accomplish this, the administration may hire an estimated 17,000 new IRS agents.

What we need is a flat tax rate for every citizen, which is the only “fair” way to handle taxes. Then, soon, we need to get rid of the IRS altogether.

We didn’t need it or income taxes for the first half of our country’s existence (16th Amendment was ratified in 1913).

Nancy Koehn


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