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November 3, 2013

Letter: Take advantage of Hillsdale’s offering

ENID, Okla. — The quintessential characteristic of the United States of America is liberty. Liberty is the freedom to achieve one’s dreams and fulfill one’s potential in a morally responsible way that benefits oneself, one’s family and one’s community.

That hallmark has produced the unparalleled wealth, unbreakable strength and moral fortitude that has been so admired around the world and brought countless numbers to our shores, seeking American citizenship.

Our liberty is slipping away. With the passage of every law and the encoding of every regulation, another piece of liberty is eroded.

Certainly, some laws and regulations are essential to an orderly society.

But our governments are instituting laws and regulations today in a torrent. The intrusion of government upon every facet of our lives is unprecedented.

The erosion of liberty is gaining speed at a frightening rate.

This erosion was the great fear of the founders of our constitutional republic.

They were well aware of the short life of liberty in history.

Despite this, they believed that liberty could be sustained.

What were the foundations for their belief? What did they enshrine in our founding documents to protect liberty?

What did they promote among the American people to encourage their love of liberty?

Fortunately, there is an institution that provides factual answers to these questions. They have been teaching these principles to undergrad students for 150 years.

With the erosion of liberty in our country, they are now seeking a wider audience among the American people.

The institution is Hillsdale College (

On their website, they offer free online courses designed to teach the founder’s remarkable perspectives on liberty.

For the sake of our American liberty experiment, please take advantage of Hillsdale’s offering.

Thomas A. Schenk


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