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February 8, 2013

Letter: Addressing Agenda 21

ENID, Okla. — Unfortunately, there will not be enough space in this letter to address all of the negative aspects of Agenda 21, so I will throw out just a few nuggets, which will hopefully garner your curiosity.

However, I know the majority of people have never heard of it. Almost everyone has heard of the theory of global warming, currently known as climate change, which is at the heart of the Agenda 21 program.

Sustainability, smart growth, carbon footprint and green corridors are some of the associated terms. The program is being implemented through the executive branch departments of our national government and locally on a “voluntary” (read — free money) basis by many city, county and state governments. I’d also add if you like “social justice,” then you will really love “environmental justice.”

Senator Patrick Anderson of Enid has introduced a version of an anti-Agenda 21 bill that passed unanimously last year in Alabama. The Tulsa World, in an editorial, associated him with conspirators, the Mayan calendar and informed him “the government is not coming for your guns.”

In light of current events, they may want to walk that last one back a little. The Oklahoma Chapter of the United Nations Association is already circulating flyers around the state Capitol claiming we won’t be able to fight the West Nile disease or buy books for our libraries if Agenda 21 is blocked in Oklahoma. It will appear the fight is on.

Folks, it is important to arm yourself with knowledge. I would recommend an Internet search of “U.N. Agenda 21,” go to the website of Govern Edmond Locally: or and for the readers out there try “Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire.

Mark Irwin


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