The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

January 24, 2013

Letter: Responsible firearm ownership is the norm

Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Jerry Niles and Cal Thomas wrote excellent columns concerning the proposed gun control. With the recent tragic events that took place, there will be attempts for sweeping changes in some of our current gun laws.

There will be and have been attempts at demonizing responsible gun owners and our strong belief in our Second Amendment rights.

It is certainly tragic that a minuscule percentage of the population can wreak devastation and tragedy on others. However, I believe it is extremely important to display to the naysayers and misinformed, that gun ownership, competitive shooting sports, hunting and personal protection is a way of life for many of us and is done in a responsible and educational manner.

You need only look at England, Australia, Chicago and other cities to see that crime has greatly increased with the passage of a gun ban.

Responsible firearm ownership is the norm, and the reprehensible and horrific conduct of a few should not take away our constitutional rights to gun ownership.

As Cal and Jerry pointed out, the Second Amendment was written to protect citizens from tyrannical governments; and maybe it should have added politicians who wish to ignore the Constitution.

Deloris J. Castor