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January 9, 2013

Letter: Here we go again: it’s tax-tax-tax

ENID, Okla. — Wow! $50 million in taxes for more city parks. The city can’t maintain and clean the parks we have now; how could they handle more parks?

Mr. Eric Benson said property taxes will only go up 38 cents a week. When the $100 million school bond was marketed, we were told property taxes would go up about the cost of a Big Mac meal per month. Well, my taxes went up far more than that, and so did everyone’s.

Mr. Benson also said raising the sales tax one-half cent will only cost a citizen 17 cents a week. I guess no one in Enid spends more than $34 a week on taxable merchandise. What a joke. Enid’s sale tax is at 8.35 percent.

We should all remember how the Gateway to Enid vote went. It was voted down. Yet City hall changed the name and went “full speed ahead” (that’s a U.S. Navy term). Now the cost overruns for that project are piling up.

City hall will soon want several millions of new tax dollars to “protect Enid’s water supply.” No long-range planning or solutions until it becomes an emergency. Remember, all the bridges in town had to be inspected and some replaced, because no preventive maintenance or inspections took place until after the Enid fire truck collapsed the bridge on West Randolph.

I just wish city hall would do what it says and budget available funds properly so we don’t have crisis after crisis that has to be solved with another large input of new tax dollars.

City hall makes it hard to trust what they say, because actions speak louder than words.

Vote no on tax increases. City hall needs to better budget the money they already get rather than constantly wanting more. If anyone wants to consider priorities, the water needs are certainly more important than more city parks that are not maintained well now.

Ken Fischer


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