The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

April 10, 2013

Letter: Fire the coach

Enid News & Eagle

— OK, I coached basketball in three states, eight high schools and one college, 30-plus years. I’ve watched the Thunder many times in Oklahoma City — mostly a wrestling match, football game or a gang rumble with all the pushing, elbowing, tripping and tackling. Saw the “Beard” get his head dislocated by “World Peace.”

I saw OU women injuries and McFarland’s broken jaw. If you check the NCAA office, you’ll find hundreds in this category.

Maybe if we fire coaches who shove, grab, throw balls and chairs and put players in sheds during football and basketball practice like Mike Rice at Rutgers, or Mike Leach, or Mark Mangino, we should stop playing games.

After all, broken teeth, noses, fingers, legs, arms, ankles, feet, jaws and knees, and concussions, make Rice, Leach, Knight and Mangino saint-like compared to games. Oh, I almost forgot: With the exception of idiots in Kansas and Tech, it’s about money and winning, stupid. Indiana got smart. Rice’s record at Rutgers was 44-51. Get the hook.

Dale Venable

Retired basketball coach, Colony