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December 17, 2012

Letter: Rasp should do research

ENID, Okla. — Seems Mr. Charlie Rasp has been drinking the liberal Kool-Aid. He might need to take an intervention to release the propaganda that has infested his brain by watching liberal talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, CBNC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc. He and others like him would be wise to do a little research before spouting the liberal talking points. That research would show that any time taxes were lowered, revenues increased not just under Republican presidents, but also under a Democratic president, John Kennedy.

The research might also show that when taxes are raised, revenue declines. Why? Time’s up. People with wealth (liberals included) will invest less and more of their money to avoid taxes. The deficit problem is too much government spending, not that the wealthy are not taxed enough. England has proven this point. England passed a millionaires tax a year ago. The results: Two years ago, British millionaires contributed 9 percent of all taxes; after the tax, they contributed 4.4 percent of all taxes. Go back to Clinton-era tax rates, liberals say. OK, let’s also go back to Clinton-era spending, when, with a GOP Senate and House, Clinton was forced to cut spending, rules and regulations, lower capital gains taxes and end welfare as we know it. Guess what? The economy boomed.

Obama has created this fiscal nightmare with $5 trillion in new debt. If high taxes worked, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain would be models of economic success. Mr. Rasp needs to change his drink of choice.

On a side note, nations have tried to spend their way to prosperity; it has never worked. It seems the city of Enid thinks that trying this economic model will work for them; everyone else is just doing it wrong. If spending created wealth, we would all be millionaires.

Terry Qualls


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