The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

November 15, 2013

Letter: Who’s running the shell game?

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — In the column on Friday, Nov. 8, Gene Lyons says “Doubtless, Obama should have said almost everybody could keep their current plan, or that 95 percent could, but he apparently found that too, um, subtle for the campaign trail.” It’s not an issue of subtle; it’s an issue of honesty. No doubt President Obama’s campaign decided that honesty could compromise the election and their “high” goal of implementing the Affordable Care Act could be derailed. Therefore, a little dishonesty was justified; after all, they know what’s best for the American public.

Who are we to be offended by those that serve us deceiving for our own good?

Mr. Lyons goes on to criticize CBS News of inaccurately reporting on one woman’s “Obamacare nightmare that turned into a “blessing in disguise.” Good, I hope someone is benefiting from the train wreck that has just begun. Mr. Lyons accuses CBS News of “rapidly morphing into Fox News-lite”; that’s funny, I guess CBS News forgot their job of running interference for the president.

Mr. Lyons alleges the insurance industry of “chicanery,” of executing a “classic bait-and-switch,” and of being akin to “a quick-handed scoundrel running a shell game” at the fair.

I’ve got a question: Who’s running the shell game? The insurance industry that Mr. Lyons says is taking advantage of the current situation? The president who knowingly misled the public in an effort to sell Obamacare? Or perhaps, Mr. Lyons who very skillfully redirects the reader’s attention from the president sleight of hand to the insurance industry’s alleged sleight of hand?

One thing I do know: I expect a lot more from the president and my other elected officials than I do from a county fair shell game operator. At least I used to.

Bill Moss