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March 1, 2014

We are salt and we are light

ENID, Okla. — Bob Burke wrote a book based on the history of Assemblies of God churches in Oklahoma titled “Like a Prairie Fire.”

The hardships the people of Oklahoma had to endure – the pain, the loss, the tears. Yet, they never lost faith! There was always time for the things of God and revival. Seeds planted during those times of revival have lain dormant all these years, like sleeping giants. Prophetic words spoken to a tired people left behind a residue of the Spirit that is about to breathe new life into many of those seeds.

On Oct. 3, 1982, Evangelist Kenneth Copeland ministered at Bible Believers Lighthouse on Drummond Road. He spoke a prophetic word from God concerning the Enid area:


“My healing power is no stranger to this area. I am moving now. I will continue to move and this area will continue to grow and continue to grow, and people will hear of it all over the country. If you go down there, you can get healed. Those people will love you and get you healed.

I started Oral Roberts in this area. I started other works in this area, and I’m still in the healing business, and I’ll continue to work in this area, saith the Lord, and it shall continue to be that the world will know, can you get to Enid, Oklahoma? Can you go to the Plains? Can you go to where those funny people are? You go there and you’ll get well, they’ll say, by the healing presence of God.

No, I didn’t start here with Oral Roberts just because I thought he was cute or had something special. What I did with Oral Roberts was in answer to the prayers of people that had lived here in generations past. The saints of God committed this area to Me, saith the Lord, well over 700 years ago, and I’m still moving because of their prayers and their consecration.

I raised up Oral Roberts because of the prayers of my people. I raised up Kenneth Copeland because of the prayers of my people. I’ve raised up those in the past, and I’ll raise ‘em up in the future, and there shall be young ones come from this area that I’ll raise up that’ll rise like comets in the spiritual sky and take my healing power to their generation, saith the Lord.”


The prophetic Word of the Lord doesn’t come with an expiration date attached to it my friends, nor does His Word come back void, but it will accomplish that which it has been sent forth to do.

Enid, I believe God is hand-stitching a tailor-made coat of many colors just for Enid. I believe He strategically placed prophetic giants like Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland in Enid for just such a time as this. I believe we are entering an era of the prophetic like none other and we get to watch as it unfolds right before our eyes. Shoot, we get to be right smack in the middle of it.

Look around, see what the Lord has done. We just completed one of the most beautiful and spacious event centers in all of Oklahoma. People and events are lining up to put their X on the calendar for years in advance. We are building more motels, more and more medical facilities, and downtown Enid is looking so amazing. I, for one, am very excited about Enid and what God is doing here. And, don’t think for one minute God doesn’t have plans for the Church as well. I think He is saving the best for last. Get ready Enid, God is about to show up and show off!

There is a residue of the Spirit of the Lord all over this city, my friends, dating back generations. Our past is rich with evidences of God’s blessing upon Garfield County and the state of Oklahoma. It’s time we get up off our spiritual duffs and pick up where the Greats left off.

Church, we need to get fired up and prayed up! I believe 2014 is the year God begins to stretch and enlarge our tent. The year we go from church-minded to Kingdom-minded.

The year God will take us to new heights and fresh territory. People, I believe God is ready to command the blessing on Enid, America, and release what He has in His hand for us. The foundation is set. It’s a brand new season and God is about to load us up with His benefits and make us a distributor. I believe that, Enid.

Kenneth “Dad” Hagin once said, “God tells His people what THEY can have ... and THEY ‘say’ what they have.”

What are you saying about Enid? Are you still fussing and complaining about what the City Fathers are or are not doing? Get over it!

Look around you at the city God is building, even if the City Fathers don’t realize it. Now, go back and re-read the prophetic word Kenneth Copeland spoke over Enid back in 1982.

I think you will see it in a different light. God has called us to be salt and light, my friends, and I believe we are just that.

Keep the faith and worship somewhere today.

Portions of this column were taken from my little book published in 2007 titled “The spiritual heritage of Enid.” If you havent read it, you are missing out.

Sorrels is News & Eagle editorial assistant and can be reached at or at (580) 548-8140.

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