The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK


January 14, 2014

Letter: Give Mr. Snowden a fair resolution

ENID, Okla. — It was only a few decades ago that American newspapers eagerly defended Americans, and the world, from intrusive governmental policies.

Now, when obvious illegal and unconstitutional acts are committed by our government, many, instead of doing investigative reporting, willingly act as their barking dogs.

The recent enormous exposures by Mr. Snowden have revealed the Orwellian presence of a rogue, invisible, government running out of control.

As history documents, Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, East Germany and many other countries enslaved their people by the use of secret spying and policing — mostly by assuring their citizenry that their government was protecting them from something bad like terrorists!

The risk of an individual being hurt by a “terrorist attack” is infinitesimal compared to our likelihood of creating a “Big Brother Society.”

I believe we should give Mr. Snowden a fair resolution, including pardon, in appreciation for his enormous contribution to our freedom(s)!

It will be my hope that our newspapers might have the integrity to lead that effort.

Paul A. Leap, M.D.


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