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June 4, 2014

Letter: What happened to the street repair money?

ENID, Okla. — Today’s headline “City is seeking public input on streets,” and a few days ago the headline read “Streets on the chopping block,” are the reason for this letter!

The “Chopping Block” article went on to say that there is no money to repair the city streets. Why is there no money to repair the streets?

In 1950, when my husband and I were married we bought a home on East Park Ave., which was a dirt street at that time. A few months later the city paved the street and for 10 years we were taxed and we paid the paving tax (that was added to our property tax).

We were told that the property owners paid for the cost of the street and the city of Enid did the repairs and maintenance without further cost to the property owners.

Has Enid repaired and maintained the streets? NO! Now they want to tax us again to pay for what they agreed to in the first place. If there is money to improve the intersection of Chestnut and Cleveland, why is there not enough money to repair our other streets?

What happened to the street repair money? Was it used to build the Conference Center? The people of Enid voted it down, but they built it anyway. The Center was supposed to bring in lots of additional money to Enid. Why can’t that money be used to repair the streets?

I was born and raised in Enid and I have NEVER seen the city streets looking worse! There has to be a better way to fix our streets than to tax those who paid for them in the first place!

Velma Faye Goins


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