The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

July 23, 2013

Letter: Accept jury's decision in Zimmerman case

Enid News & Eagle

— I stated in a previous letter that I am a Christian. However, that has little to do with the issue I am addressing now.

Fact: Trayvon Martin is dead! I feel such sympathy for his family that I cannot truly express it. I have never lost a family member in this manner.

But, it is over! George Zimmerman has been acquitted.

My guess is that 999 people out of 1,000 have no idea of what went on that rainy Florida night outside of what they derived from the media.

Probably, those same numbers apply for those demonstrating on either side of this issue.

I don’t care which side you are on, it is a tragedy! Trayvon is dead!

Fact 2: George Zimmerman killed him!

Those are the two, and only two facts that anyone with any contact with this case knows for sure, except George.

Who made mistakes in this case? George Zimmerman made mistakes. The cops made mistakes. The witnesses made mistakes. The prosecutors, the defense, the jury, the judge, all made mistakes. Even Trayvon made mistakes. All of these mistakes have one thing in common; the human element. None of us are perfect, not one.

At any rate, the matter went before a court. The best system we have right now. With the evidence they were shown, they made a decision. Right or wrong, as Americans, we are bound by this. We must accept it and stop complaining.

I love my country and as sympathetic as I am to Martin’s family, I can’t help feeling a small amount of sympathy for Zimmerman’s family as well.

Check your conscience. You’ll find I’m right!

Keith E. Rexroat