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January 24, 2013

Upgrades to Enid, Garfield and Major County 911 Center will help improve operations

Enid News & Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Upgrades to the Enid, Garfield and Major County 911 Center are a welcome thing.

The center has been upgraded in several ways, most importantly with respect to the technology involved with the system.

For one, the system now is a “hosted solution,” with all phone lines and trunks originating in Oklahoma City. The system previously had been a “stand-alone system,” which meant all the data was maintained at Enid Police Department, where the 911 center is located.

With the new arrangement, in the event of a disaster or emergency, officials could move to another location with a laptop computer and have 911 service up in an hour.

Enid is the first in the state to go to such a 911 system, called a micro-data system.

Upgrades also were made to the department’s voice-logging system. The upgrades include improvements in storing, searching and filing 911 calls and other data that could be included, such as video and text messages.

The upgrades have allowed the center to get ahead of standards set by the National Emergency Number Association and Association of Public-Safety Communications Official groups.

Other upgrades were more cosmetic.

The center has industrial rubberized and sound-dampening flooring, a new ceiling and lights, and was painted.

The upgrades will improve operations and give authorities more flexibility.

The ability to respond better in emergency situations cannot be overstated and is critical.