The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

May 11, 2014

More water

Attempt to find another source just makes sense

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — City of Enid officials are taking steps to seeking to use Kaw Lake as its primary water source.

Engineers are planning to meet with Oklahoma Water Resources Board and Army Corps of Engineers. Applications to use and store the water at Kaw Lake could be submitted later this year.

Enid has mulled various ideas to gain access to more water. There has been talk of expanding the water field west of the city and constructing a lake.

The lake option, while it also would provide recreation opportunities, is prohibitively expensive.

And City Engineer Chris Gdanski looked over the options and said piping water from Kaw Lake is the better choice. Expanding the well field is “not a sustainable option,” he said.

If the city is approved to use water from Kaw Lake, it would take about five years to build the pipeline and appropriate pump stations from the lake to the city. Estimates show the city would need the capacity to pump 15 million to 18 million gallons per day to meet future demand.

We like the idea of having a second source for water.

Drawing more water from the well fields isn’t the best option. The prolonged drought this part of the country has been suffering from has an impact on how the aquifer is recharged. There also has been increased use of water by agricultural interests in Oklahoma and other states.

We like the idea of not relying solely on one source for our water. That just makes sense.

We hope this process to tap Kaw Lake proceeds quickly.