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October 19, 2013

Washington gets a giant thumbs down for shutdown

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Thumbs down to Washington for dragging out the shutdown.

Our criticism on this issue is bipartisan. While fiscal reform is essential, tying the defunding of Obamacare to a governmental shutdown for financial reasons was not the best strategy.

We’re reminded of The Beatles’ “Getting Better” lyrics: “It can’t get no worse.”

Don’t bet on it, considering the Beltway’s tumultuous climate. The deal only funds the government through Jan. 15.

“It was already pretty bad,” Republican Congressman Kevin Yoder of Kansas told TIME. “I think over the last few weeks I think it has gotten worse than it was. Until the president and leader … and the speaker can negotiate solutions, it’s going to be very difficult. We’re going to be stuck in the same position.”


Thumbs up to Maeli Powell for helping when her fifth-grade classmate, Macie McCollum, choked recently in the Chisholm Elementary lunchroom.

Seeing Macie’s face turning red, Maeli sprung into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Macie.

Great thinking! The bite of corn dog stuck in Macie’s throat was dislodged.

Fortunately, Maeli said she remembered the words of her kindergarten teacher when she explained how to do a Heimlich maneuver.


More thumbs up to Waller Middle School’s new focus on teaching students good digital citizenship.

Already embracing a “Bring Your Own Device” approach to technology, teachers and administrators have a year-long emphasis on helping students understand how appropriateness, boundaries, etiquette and social responsibility apply to social media and technology.

Not only do hurtful words about someone stay around forever, so do all the other things people post online. In that regard, postings can come back to haunt the poster.

That’s a digital lesson for all ages.


Finally, thumbs up for an anonymous donation that will bring new life to a park playground in Carmen that has been used by generations of children.

No toys have been added to the playground at Carmen City Park since the 1920s, except for chamber of commerce additions more than 25 years ago.

An extremely nice gentleman wanted to purchase a new structure and gave an anonymous donation.

This kind gesture will enable the town to bring new toys to the park, which will be used along with the older ones to make it more fun for children.

Thanks for improving the community’s quality of life!