The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

April 5, 2013

Letter: City of Enid as a landlord?

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — You know the city has rules for landlords, but the city doesn’t follow those rules themselves. A landlord is required to keep his/her property in good repair, but the city doesn’t do that.

They choose to ignore needed repairs, continue to collect revenue and keep building new things.

I am referring to the old Santa Fe  Depot on Walnut Street. That is an old, spacious, beautiful building with a rich history and one we should (could) all be proud of as citizens of Enid. It provides citizens a place to gather for meetings, parties, dinners, etc.

It has an adequate kitchen area where food can be prepared, a spacious dining area and is versatile for various uses. The usage fee is affordable, but it is in disrepair.

The city, as landlord, is responsible to keep it in good repair. City leaders, have you been in it lately? I was there one time (way back when we were getting rain) and there were buckets sitting all around the floor to catch water from the leaking roof. There are stains on the ceiling and down the walls from the leaking roof.

One problem with leaking ceilings is that not only is it unsightly, but it causes structural damage not visible immediately — the longer it goes on, the more severe the damage becomes.

This has been an ongoing problem for several years, and keeps getting worse. Yet, the city continues to rent it out without a thought of spending money to repair it. I guess they will let it go until it isn’t feasible to repair it and then they will bulldoze it down!

Darlene Keeton