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January 30, 2013

Letter: Agenda 21 is ‘a real conspiracy’

ENID, Okla. — I think the criticism in your Jan. 7 paper (article, “Conservative bills may top agenda”) concerning our Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid, is uncalled for.

Anyone who has ever tried to learn more about Agenda 21 realizes it is not some far-out conspiracy theory.

You quoted the criticism from the Tulsa World, and you should remember Sen. Anderson won a case before the Supreme Court which denied Tulsa an unused state grant intended for a state project, but Tulsa wanted it used for something that only benefited Tulsa. That saved the taxpayer’s dollars, but irritated Tulsans.

Begin to do some research, and you will find it definitely is well-named as an agenda.

It is being run by extreme environmentalists whose goal is a one-world government with no property rights.

All utilities will be controlled. Soon, you will be getting a thermostat which, ultimately, they will control.

As coal-backed power plants are closed systematically, and wind-powered electricity tries to take over, electric bills will go up rapidly.

In Maryland, they have established a tax on flushes. (Yes, just what you think it is).

Also, a new law that makes extreme limitations on the size of lot on which one can build and the house size.

Just a few samples of what’s to come.

Both the Texas Republican Party and the Republican National Committee have issued resolutions against Agenda 21.

Those who are beginning to realize what is happening know that it is not a “theory,” but a real conspiracy against the way of life that has prospered our country for more than 230 years.

Mary Rumph


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