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November 16, 2013

God called us to spread our wings of faith and fly

ENID, Okla. — Mark Crow has written an inspiring little book titled “Secrets of the Second Mile,” in which he shares wonderful stories about running the race of life and getting a second wind and a strong finish.

He talks about second chances and how to separate ourselves from the chickens and the turkeys in our life, spread our wings and fly.

Ever needed a second chance? Ever felt like a chicken, when all you wanted to do was soar like an eagle?

This is one of those stories.


There was a farmer who had an incredible love of nature, particularly of wild animals. One day, while he was walking in the woods near his farm, he came across an injured baby eagle that had fallen out of its nest. Knowing it would be abandoned to die, he gathered it up and took it home.

The nurture and care the little eagle received from the farmer restored its health, and soon it spent the days sharing the barnyard with the chickens and turkeys. They ate together every day, and the eagle quickly grew to its full size — complete with a 15-foot wingspan.

The farmer had a friend who was a naturalist, and he agreed to come show the eagle how to fly. The two men stepped into the barnyard, and the naturalist picked up the eagle, gave him a toss into the wind and said, “Fly!” But the eagle just jumped to the ground, joined the rest of the barnyard birds and continued to peck at the food.

The farmer and the naturalist repeated this exercise many times over the next few days, always with the same results. But then the naturalist said, “I have an idea. Be ready tomorrow before dawn, and I will come and get you and the eagle.”

The next morning, the naturalist and the farmer took the eagle to the top of a nearby mountain just before dawn. The naturalist took the eagle and said, “You are an eagle: God made you to soar in His sky, now FLY!”

When he spoke those words, a beam of light hit the face of the eagle as the sun rose from behind the mountain. The eagle shuddered with what seemed like new life, then spread its wings, mounted the wind and began to fly.


You and I are not unlike that eagle. It’s easy to get comfortable in our little chicken coops, so content to just peck and scratch around the barnyard of life that we forget who we are and what our purpose is. The sad thing is we don’t even realize we’re in a rut, walking around in life’s yuk, eating whatever is tossed our way.

Saints, it’s time to get out of our comfort zone, get away from the chickens and the turkeys, get out of the barnyard and back on that mountain top. Back to familiar surroundings and an atmosphere so vigorous and full of the anointing of God that we can once again mount the wind and soar to new heights.

God never called us to do what is easy, my friends. He just called us to spread our wings of faith and fly ... and He will do the rest.

Keep the faith and worship somewhere today.

Sorrels is News & Eagle editorial assistant and can be reached at or at (580) 548-8140.

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