The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK

October 26, 2012

Letter: Where has our recycling gone?

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — “Where oh where has our recycling gone ... oh where oh where can it be?”

As memory serves: In the beginning, we had trucks, hauling a mesh trailer behind. They picked up our recycle curbside. Then, we got blue tubs to put recycle in, curbside.

Later, we had three recycling centers throughout Enid: East Broadway, West Garriott and one off North Van Buren. The one off Van Buren, being the largest, complete with building, hired many people with disabilities.

They diligently sorted materials brought to the facility (we even recycled glass). As we rolled through the gate, these helpers always seemed glad to see us! As citizens, we helped put the recycle in the appropriate containers, too. It felt great — a community effort, city and citizens working together! One small bag of actual trash each week also felt great!

Then, East Broadway’s shut down. Later West Garriott’s shut down. We were down to Van Buren. Following the “wind shear,” North Van Buren’s facility shut down. (The “damaged” building reportedly was too dangerous to allow workers in). Time passed, the city opened up another center, just off the downtown Square.

With the renovation of downtown, the recycle center disappeared again. Time lapsed. Our garages, pickups, etc., slowly piled high with recycling. We waited. Finally, the center again appeared, out by the city dump. Somehow, my opinion, “recycle” and “dump” are not synonymous! As a citizen, I believe recycling should be encouraged, not discouraged. It’s the green thing to do! Some projects need to be done, not for monetary gain, but because God appointed us stewards over His earth!

Two women meet in the supermarket. One says, “Where are you living now?”

“Oh,” the other says, “On ‘Huggie’ hill, over by ‘Pamper’ mountain.”

Joan A. Walker