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January 4, 2014

Intercession is my heart, my passion

ENID, Okla. — I want to tell you a story … a story about a mother and her fierce determination to protect her daughter.

But, before I go there, I have to tell you about the experience I had in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I had been watching the Church Channel and fell asleep, as I often do. At about 3 a.m, I just woke up out of a dead sleep. Suddenly, I sat straight up in my bed, as if provoked to do or say something. I wanted to lash out … I was angry! I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me. Not knowing what was happening, I laid back down and ask the Lord to show me what this was all about.

He began to show me the ones who have come to me, seeking prayer. I saw their faces, I felt their pain. I even felt moments of hopelessness, thoughts of suicide. It was horrible! What is this, Father-God? What are you trying to tell me? It was as if all the years of prayer requests scanned before my eyes, just like in the movie “A Christmas Carol.” There were prayer requests from years ago … prayer requests from last month, last week … yesterday. It was overwhelming, and I didn’t know what to do or who to pray for first. I have never felt so helpless. My heart was so full, so broken.

I thought about Jacque, a young woman I met at the Enid News & Eagle one day, who is in need of a lung transplant; another very young lady, eight weeks pregnant. She and her husband are stationed in Japan. I got an email asking for prayer because she is concerned about losing her baby, and she is so far away from home and her ‘mama’; then there’s a very lovely young woman who struggles with smoking and another with alcohol; and the parents who just lost their 8-year-old son; and a family who lost their loved one to suicide; and the preacher’s wife, who is desperate to know God’s will for her life; or the friend who just lost her husband. Dear God, so many. I could go on and on.

Intercession is my heart, my passion. It’s what God has called me to do. Friends, I have witnessed the Father-God in His mercy and His goodness deliver people out of the Egypt of their lives. I would be first in line with that one. He has been so faithful to hear my heart and my prayers. What a privilege it is to witness a broken heart made whole and new life spring forth because all those yesterdays have come to pass, and “Behold He does a new thing!” I have watched as He knocked at the heart’s door of a lost soul and literally saw their countenance change before my eyes. Oh, how I love it when I get that ‘knowing’ in the pit of my stomach that tell’s me, “it is finished”! Or, when I pray for someone and I hear “All is well.”

I fell back to sleep, praying in the Spirit, as I so often do. (Yes, I pray in tongues. If you don’t, you should. That’s another column). When I woke Saturday morning, the Lord reminded me of a mother I once knew, who was determined to protect her daughter.

Seems her daughter was having quite the struggle at school with a group of Indian girls. She never spoke of this trouble to her mother, but one very good friend of hers did, when she intercepted an ugly note meant for harm to this teenage daughter. She took said note to the girl’s mom and told her of all the bullying that had taken place that year, and that she was fearful that her daughter would be badly hurt if there was not an interception.

A plan between the mom and the friend was orchestrated. On Friday night at the local football game, when the bullies entered the girls bathroom with plans to beat the daughter up, they would find the mother instead. The mother was hiding in the last stall. The daughter’s friend came in, letting the mother know the bullies were on their way. They pushed through the bathroom door, striking the friend, demanding to know where her friend was. About that time, a rush of anger raged through that mother, and she burst through that stall door with such a vengeance, those girls didn’t know what hit them. The mom got the leader by the back of the neck, while the others scowled back. Enough was enough! She marched that young bully straight to the president of the academy where this young lady lived, and demanded she tell her superior what she and the others had planned, and just tried to pull off.

Come Monday morning, that mother was in the office of that high school, letting them all know that she meant business and not a hair on her daughters head better be mussed … not one bullying word spoken … not one hand lifted against her daughter, or the academy would suffer dearly. As far as that mother knew, there was never another incident.

Now, I see it Lord. Just as that mother was fearless when it came to protecting her child, we should be no less fearless when it comes to possessing our promised land, protecting what belongs to us and tearing down strongholds in our lives.

Intercessors, hear me! How many times have you felt that alarm go off on the inside you and your spirit sat straight up? How many times have you been angry with a righteous anger, because of all the unjust in the world? People are hurting and in need of a Savior. The devil is a bully and he is bursting through the bathroom doors of so many lives, filling them with fear, accusing them, reminding them of all their ugly, guilt-filled yesterdays, convincing them that things will never change. Don’t lie back down and go back to sleep. Don’t shove it aside and try not to think about it because you don’t know what to do or how to pray. Wake Up! Get Up! Put on your armor and prepare to fight.

Saints, it’s time to get the enemy by the nap of the neck. It’s time we let the devil know we mean business. We have been given the authority, the tools and all the promises in God’s word needed to take hold of what rightfully belongs to us. We need to learn to pray, to intercede on behalf of that one who is about to be ambushed by the devil, and they don’t even know it.

That mother’s young daughter was in the stands the whole time, watching her team win a Friday night football game. She had no idea there was an assignment against her or the battle taking place in the girls bathroom, or the hit her friend took in her place, until it was all over.

My friends, Jesus took the hit for you that day at Calvary. It was finished at the cross! And now He sits at the right hand of the Father-God, interceding for you. He gives His angels charge over you and He is no stranger to the bully. Do you know Him today? He stands at the door of your heart, knocking and knocking. He loves you, won’t you let Him in?

It’s a new year and a new beginning. He wants to do a new thing.

Keep the Faith and worship somewhere today.

Sorrels is News & Eagle editorial assistant and can be reached at or at (580) 548-8140.

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