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March 5, 2014

Will Rogers Daily Telegrams 3-6-14

By Will Rogers
Enid News and Eagle


NEW YORK, N. Y., May 22, 1927. — Of all things that Lindbergh’s great feat demonstrated, the greatest was to show us that a person could still get the entire front pages without murdering anybody.

Nobody knows what he will do now, but he has had an invitation to return to America and address the regular weekly luncheon of the Kiwanis Club of Claremore, Okla.

Boy, that Prince of Wales better not appear in the same crowd as this bird and expect anybody to look at him.

One of his ardent admirers,

Will Rogers.



PORTLAND, Maine, May 23, 1927. — I am in Maine for the first time. Now I have showed in every State, this year, including New Hampshire.

Maine is beautiful now and Portland is a great old town. Fine harbor that used, in the good old days, to harbor not only some great lumber fleets, but some Democrats. Short-sightedness has killed off both industries, Maine is and will be more so a very historic State, being the first State that ever broke a prohibition law. This town will be pointed out in years to come as the home of the original American bootlegger.

Yours for historical and human interest stuff,


P. S. — Daily Lindbergh item: Lindbergh is the greatest American since Theodore Roosevelt, and that statement don’t belong in a joke column either.



BOSTON, Mass., May 24, 1927. — There is a hundred and twenty million people in America all ready to tell Lindbergh what to do. The first thing we want to get into our heads is that this boy is not our usual type of hero that we are used to dealing with. He is all the others rolled into one and then multiplied by ten, and his case must be treated in a more dignified way.

In the first place, the Government should reward him handsomely with a life pension and a high position in our Government aviation program. Second, instead of us paying money to see him on the stage or screen (where he don’t belong), take that admission money and make it into a national testimonial that will provide a fund for he and his mother for life. Let him have his entire time open to assist aviation, then he will be a blessing to us and not a side show.

We don’t ask our retiring Presidents to go into vaudeville and we would resent it if they did. England don’t allow their Prince of Wales to go on paid exhibitions. Well, this lad is our biggest national asset. He is our Prince and our President combined, and I will personally play benefits for him the rest of my life to keep him from having to make exhibitions out of himself. We only get one of these in a lifetime.

Yours, one of the hundred million advisers,

Will Rogers.

P. S. — And listen: While waiting to do something to honor Lindbergh, make another contribution to the flood. That will please him more than anything you could do. Six hundred thousand are being fed and cared for by the public. It’s our worst calamity in our lifetime.

Enid News & Eagle is republishing Will Rogers’ daily syndicated column, Daily Telegrams, in chronological order. The collection was edited and republished by Oklahoma State University Press in 1978 and under copyright of the Will Rogers Memorial Commission.