The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK


November 20, 2013

Letter: Ignoring facts

ENID, Okla. — Recently, Gene Lyons was criticized by a few readers of your op-ed page for stating that the federal budget deficit was reduced in fiscal year 2013. Gene Lyons was correct and his critics are wrong.

According to Morningstar investment research, in an article by Robert Johnson, chartered financial analyst, dated Nov. 2, 2013, the budget deficit dropped from $1.1 trillion to $0.7 trillion in just one year, the largest dollar drop in history.

A national poll conducted by Bloomberg News in September found that 93 percent of Tea Party Republicans erroneously believe the budget deficit has grown. Maybe ignoring facts is an element of the Tea Party platform.

It seems that Tea Party people just don’t like their own federal government, don’t understand how it functions and don’t want it to function. As a result, the people elected to Congress by the Tea Party faction continually obstruct progress and needlessly bring the economy to the brink of turmoil every three or four months over the debt ceiling issue.

Thanks for Gene Lyons column. He is articulate and knowledgeable and brings variety to your op-ed page.

Karl Richter


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