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January 3, 2014

EPD: Some of the increase in Enid crime in 2013 was due to oil field business, workers

Enid News and Eagle

ENID, Okla. — Crime statistics in Enid during 2013 were a mixed bag.

While the number of arrests, citations, batteries, rapes, robberies and vandalisms were down, the number of assaults, burglaries, auto thefts and thefts were up.

Enid Police Department attributes some of the increase, particularly in the number of thefts, to the oil field business and the number of workers in the area.

“There are a lot of trucks parked at motels with equipment inside them,” said EPD Capt. Jack Morris. “There is a lot of theft of equipment from oil field sites.”

While no one can stop all crime, there are things we can do to protect ourselves. These tips — for home and away — come from the Enid Police Department website:

• Lock your doors and windows when you go out.

• Don’t keep house keys in hidden locations outside.

• Keep landscaping trimmed back to allow a clear view.

• Install deadbolt locks on outside doors.

• Carry purses and backpacks close to your body, and protect them by holding your arms across them.

• Carry keys, wallet and other valuables in your pockets.

• Keep purses and backpacks closed or zipped up.

• Never leave purses or backpacks unattended.

• Be alert when you are out. Always pay attention to others around you.

• Keep your vehicles locked.

• Do not keep valuables in vehicles or in plain sight.

As we said, we’re never going to eliminate all crime, but we all can do a lot to keep ourselves from becoming victims.